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Services We Offer – Perfectly Curated Desert Experiences

Deserts have a certain charm to them, and we are here to lead you there authentically, awesomely, and responsibly. Experience the hidden gems of the desert on an unforgettable journey by choosing from our invigorating activities.

At Desert Hub Tourism, you can get candid on desert safaris, enjoy indoor go karting, do camel riding, savor sandboarding, experience the breathtaking sunset and stargazing, feel the adrenaline with quad bikes, get on Dubai dune buggy adventures, or immerse in Bedouin culture. You can also create a treasure of memories with exceptionally planned photography tours, private desert packages, and falconry shows.

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About us

Turn Your desert Fantasy Into Reality with an Us.

Every desert has a story to tell, and as a leading desert adventure provider in Dubai, we ensure you have the best memories and exciting stories for life. We’re not just a tour company; we’re here to make your venture unforgettable. 


Unlike other companies, we offer our clients a once-in-a-lifetime escapade. Our desert adventures resonate with our client’s exploration spirit. We are a group of travel enthusiasts with a special touch – offering beyond the traditional threshold of adventure. Every traveler needs to be understood; here, we try to find common ground between individual travelers and their travel desires.

As Dubai’s leading desert adventure company, our mission is to prioritize our customers’ comfort, safety, and entertainment. We’re here to help you choose the perfect adventure that suits your style.

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Your Perfect Desert Experience Awaits!

Discover a world full of nature’s hidden gems in a desert! If you’re ready to experience the adrenaline rush of drifting and driving on sandy grounds, we have a list of heart-racing activities you can choose from. Whether it’s your go-to dune buggy Dubai experience or quad bike in Dubai desert, a friendly paintball gun war with your pals, a ruthless dirt bike race, a more refreshing karting adventure, or a bit challenging Mini GP ride, we have expertly crafted itineraries just for you. 


With Desert Hub Tourism, you’ll create a special connection with nature through the amazing desert activities. We ensure that all activities are fun, thrilling, and safe. All your trips will be supervised by certified and friendly guides and experts. Our focus is to let you discover the desert’s flair, fauna, and culture in an enjoyable and meaningful manner.

Best Desert Tours in Dubai

Make your relaxed trips full of fun and energy with Desert Hub Tourism. Book your activities and let our team create an itinerary filled with whooshing karts and KTM dirt bikes in desert Dubai, beautiful skies, and everything in between.

Have the time of your life by letting loose your inner warrior in an ultimate
paintball fight.
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Dune Buggy
Enjoy the smoothness of Can-AM and Polaris RZR on the sand lanes,
where all turns and hits are heart-racing.

Unleash excitement with the Can AM&Polaris RZR: rugged, powerful, and perfect for off-road thrill-seekers.

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Mini GP
Ride like a pro and revive your inner racer with our Moto 
Mini GP bike experience.
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Quad Bikes
Get ready to experience the thrilling ride of your life with the best Yamaha Raptor 700CC, ATV quad bike, and more.
Desert Safari
Dubai Desert Safari can never get old. Enjoy the sandy winds in the morning, evening, or overnight.
Dirt Bike
A little dirt is never too bad. Get immersed in the wilderness of KTM 450 and wake up your inner biker.

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