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Desert Safari

What to Wear in Dubai Desert Safari?

So, you’re planning a desert safari in Dubai and have already booked your flight.  To ensure a smooth journey, the next step is to start thinking about what to wear and bring as soon as possible. Indeed, it encompasses deciding what to dress in Dubai, a city known for its sometimes unbearably hot weather.

Here, you can find all the answers to your questions about what to dress in Dubai! Don’t stress about a thing; we’ll assist you in figuring out what to wear for a Dubai desert safari. Additionally, it is recommended to plan ahead of time so that you are prepared for those picture-perfect moments in the Arabian desert. So, let’s get into the top five clothing tips for going on a Dubai desert safari without further delay. 

Light Clothing

Lightweight materials are perfect for packing your bags! Depending on the month you visit, the temperature in Dubai might range from 14°C to 44°C. You can count on spending most of your time in the sun. The temperature may still reach 30°C even if you go from November to April, considered winter. Wear light fabrics like cotton or linen if you’re shopping for a luxury desert safari Dubai.

Kimonos or Sweatshirts

Wear something warm, like a cape or sweatshirt, if your Dubai desert safari starts early in the morning or ends late at night. Desert temperatures drop significantly when the sun goes down, in contrast to the scorching heat of Dubai throughout the day.

Comfy Pants and Shirts with Long Sleeves

A long-sleeved shirt is your best bet for protecting yourself from the sun, as you’ll be out in it for the most part. Given the prevailing dress code in the UAE, long-sleeved shirts are also a good choice for women visiting luxury desert safari Dubai.

While shorts could work in certain situations, pants are necessary for a desert trip. Sandboarding and dune bashing are common components of desert excursions in morning desert Safari Dubai, so be prepared to be covered in sand if you go on one of these adventures. Additionally, wearing trousers makes riding a camel much more convenient.


Bring your usual hat, sunglasses, and a lightweight shawl to protect yourself from unpleasant sunburns. When dune-bashing, keep them tucked close to you! Having all three is unnecessary, particularly if you are going on a desert safari in the dark.

Comfy Footwear

When deciding what to wear to your VIP desert safari Dubai, choosing comfortable shoes is important since you’ll be walking a lot. Wear your coziest footwear for nighttime camping to keep your toes warm and shield them from sand. Switch to lightweight boots if your sneakers don’t go with your wardrobe.

Clothing According To Seasons

Winter Desert Safari Clothing

A Dubai desert safari is most enjoyable in the winter. You may expect colder temperatures between November and February, particularly in the desert after dark and into the morning. When the weather warms up, you can easily remove your outer clothes if you dress in layers. The perfect outfit would consist of long pants and a cardigan or jumper. Bring a well-fitting cap with ear flaps or earmuffs to shield your ears from the chilly wind. It is advised to bring a pashmina shawl or scarf. It can prevent dry skin by carrying moisturizing creams and lip balms. 

Spring Desert Safari Clothing

The weather is mild and pleasant from March through May. Wearing layers is unnecessary, and casual attire is acceptable throughout these months. Nighttime lows mean you’ll want to bring a jacket.

Summer Desert Safari Clothing

Hot and muggy weather begins in April and lasts until September. Wear something light and breathable if you want to make it through the scorching summer morning desert safari Dubai. Even if it can become a little chillier at night, it’s still a good idea to dress loosely. Cotton t-shirts and slacks may be substituted for tights, bombers, and sweatshirts. And particularly during these months, don’t forget to use sunscreen when on Abu Dhabi desert safari.

Autumn Desert Safari Clothing

Although the temperature drops from late September until early November, you should still dress lightly until winter arrives.

Color Options To Choose From

Opt for a solid-colored outfit or one with a striking pattern. Against the “Desert” brown backdrop, your outfit will stand out. Consequently, we settled on a color scheme. Now, we can move on to what to dress in the luxury desert safari Dubai. There are many possibilities, including jumpsuits, loose or stretchy trousers, leggings, Bermuda shorts, high-rise long shorts, casual cotton pants, and many more.

For summer, shorts are the way to go. However, temperatures drop from November through February at sunset and first light amid the Abu Dhabi desert safari.

How Much Is It To Ride A Camel In Dubai?

The camel ride Dubai is a fun and sometimes very pleasing experience, especially in the dunes. Desert Hub Tourism hosts exceptional Dubai Desert Safaris for its customers to take advantage of the beauty of the sands and weather. The pricing for a desert safari, including camel riding and many more adventurous activities, starts from AED 500. Book your safari desert experience, whether morning desert safari Dubai, evening desert safari Dubai, or night time. 

Dress Code For Camel Ride

Wearing stretchy clothing is a must for a camel trekking trip, which lasts around half an hour and is one of the most strenuous and exciting things to do in the Dubai desert. Sunscreen is required; bring a scarf and sunglasses. Putting sunscreen before a camel ride Dubai is the greatest way to avoid sunburn. Check that your sunscreen isn’t oily or sticky before applying it. The dry, sandy air of the desert might cause your lips to split if you don’t carry and apply lip balm.


Put on something loose-fitting so you may move freely in them. Enjoy a camel ride, sandboarding, or quad biking because you’ll sit in a land cruiser for at least an hour. From the luxury desert safari Dubai, you may also purchase an Arabian headscarf. While riding a camel or a quad bike, apply sunscreen and lip balm and remove your shoes before finishing the trip. 

So, why don’t you book your next VIP desert safari Dubai trip now with Desert Hub Tourism

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