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Go Karting

What is Go Karting? Is Go Kart A Sport?

You might have heard the new pastime and adventurous activity taking the world and thrill seekers by storm; Go karting. But what is it? Karting is not a new sport. This heart-pumping and energetic activity first got the attention of Americans in the 1950s, and after that, the world followed the tracks. The first ever kart was built by Art Ingels in 1956, and since then, many have come and gone. Today, go kart is seen as one of the most famous adventurous activities, especially in the UAE. 

How to Do Go Karting Dubai

Karting is simple and easy. If you think you can drive, you can kart with a few rolls of your arms. However, safety is foremost. 

Get Ready

First things first: Get ready for it. The first step in your karting class is to ensure your kart and that you are prepared for it. Look through the manual and driving briefs. Make up your mind, and get settled in your seat. Check the pedals, breaks, and all other controls. 

Know The Controls

As you have made yourself comfortable, it is time to get ready and seize the day at your wheel. The throttle pedal is usually on the right side, and the brake pedal is placed on the left. In comparison to cars, go kart uses your left foot for braking. This skill can also be handy when you find yourself going the wrong way and need to turn your kart back around. There might be some go-karts in which the reverse gear would require a button to be initiated from the steering wheel.

Warm Up Rounds

Your starting round has to be like a warm-up. Make sure to gently increase your tires’ temperature and move along the course. Rather than focusing on speed only, a driver should also focus on accelerating the tires in such a way as to avoid any skidding and maintain necessary road traction.

Gradually Speed Up

Rome required more than a day to be built, and Go-kart riding skills needed more than a lap to be developed. Start the first few laps of your race at a smooth pace to understand more about the layout of your track. Know where to speed up and reduce the speed by identifying caution areas. When you are comfortable enough, start increasing the speed, focusing on how to steer through the way efficiently.

Follow Rules and Signs

All riders should follow the rules and react smartly to flag signs for a safe experience. Make sure you’re fully focused while the safety briefing is going on, and never hesitate to ask any questions from your guide. Every color on the flag has a meaning that provides clear safety guidelines to enjoy the activity.

At Desert Hub Tourism, all go kart riders are allocated an expert guide who briefs you about the rules and regulations and how you can safely drive our karts. So, even if you are a novice, don’t let that stop you from experiencing the thrill of a lifetime. 

What to Wear for Go-karting?

Wearing suitable clothes holds equal importance in go karting UAE for various reasons, mainly safety and comfort. Irrespective of whether you are someone who is experienced in this or whether you’re a person who is new to karting, having the right kind of clothes can beef up your overall karting experience. Other than the internal clothing, you are required to wear safety gear when you’re going on the tracks. These include:

  • Race Suit
  • Helmet
  • Shoes
  • Gloves

On hot days, people need to wear more comfortable, decent, and light clothes to help them move around easily without hesitation. During winter, you will need an extra layer of warm clothes to keep your body comfortable. The Desert Hub Tourism fulfills all the necessary measures that are required during kart racing, and there would not be any extra charges.

Cost of Go Karting

The cost of Karting Dubai depends on their type, operational capabilities, and usage. We offer the best prices for our fun activities as we believe an amazing desert experience doesn’t have to be expensive. Our packages are available at prices ranging from 160 AED to 300 AED.

How Fast is a Go-kart?

The velocity of the go-kart isn’t constant. It usually is high based on the type of engine and exhausting system present in the kart. The speeds remained low for casual karting so that individuals could remain safe from any kind of mishap. Karts usually run between the speeds of 25-40 mph. The electric go-karts are generally kept at a small distance indoors.

The competitive go karting UAE are considerably faster and can go up to 60mph and karts for the senior category can exceed 80mph. The kart’s speed is influenced by its engine (horsepower) and the size/configuration of the racetrack. In addition, they can reach a speed of 100 miles per hour. 

Is Karting A Sport?

The definition of what can be considered a sport is something widely disputed. Because sports require physical effort, following certain rules, and providing a safe environment, we can easily say that Go-karting is a sport. While some people might still refuse to believe this and argue otherwise, we have reasons for putting karting in the sports categories.

Physical Exertion

Even if people think of it as just sitting, go-karting is a physically intensive sport. This fact is universally acknowledged by anyone who has ever been a part of a race. Though go-kart racing is different than other cardio exerting activities, it still requires an ample amount of physical activity. Drivers have to control their kart efficiently and smartly, especially during curvy tracks.

Quick Reflexes and Focus

Go-karting is a sport that demands the drivers to respond quickly on the spot. This narrative how classical and esports are somewhat similar to each other. Recognizably, there are high mental stress and focus requirements in sports across the board.

Safety Regulations and Structured Rules

Karting Dubai racing does not need full-on aggressive physical interactions, but this doesn’t by any means reduce the safety measurements that should be in place to ensure its participants are safe at all times. To become a regular league racer, they are subjected to special guidelines and protocols to go through in case of any situations where they can make appropriate decisions. The standardized regulatory policy ensures the safety and consistency of the race to highlight its reliability.

Book Your Adventurous Karting Experience With Us!

Go karting Dubai is a heart-pumping activity suitable for any occasion, providing an adrenaline rush to make the experience unique. Desert Hub Tourism promises a fun and safe go-karting experience. Our tracks are not only to ensure safety but also to meet the needs that hold a competitive spirit. Whether you are interested in indoor go karting Dubai or go karting Abu Dhabi, we have got you covered. 

Desert Hub Tourism’s purpose is to make an ordinary day extraordinary. Plan your next adventure with us and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

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