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Dune Buggy

What is a Dune Buggy in Dubai & Its Summer Rates 

Dubai is a tourist and thrill seeker’s hot spot. Desert safaris in Dubai involve different adventure sports like dune bashing and sand biking. This tourism spike has caused residents and visitors in the UAE to be more attracted to such activities in recent years.

The dune buggy tour is a thrilling and fast-paced drive off through the tough ground of Dubai deserts to see all about dunes in or nearby. Either decide on a mini dune 2 seater or opt to drive around with one capable of accommodating four people and try several tricks on your way while enjoying the beauty of desert scenery and following nature’s path.

Dubai Dune Buggy Riding: What Makes It Unique

Breathtaking Scenery of the Desert

Driving your dune buggy around the desert along the natural pathways left by the dunes. Experience the desert on your way through this exclusive adventure trip. As you walk alongside your guide into the desert, there will be no restrictions on when to pause or where to roam.

Perfect for Newbies

Dune buggy riding may attract even those who have never used such a vehicle before. First, your guide will make sure you know what to do and not to do before going on the excursion. Riding various buggies (some with one seat and two, etc.) has been considered one of the nicest ways to see the desert.

Reliable and Hassle-free

In addition to detailed instructions, your guide will provide protective gear such as goggles and helmets. Always use protective eyewear and earplugs since the winds might be very powerful. Simply adhere to your guide’s instructions.

Dune Buggy Riding Experience In Dubai

Riding The Dune Buggy

Thrill seekers may brace themselves for an exciting journey deep into the desert. The transfer will be easy for you by having a 4×4 pick you up from your city house and drive to the desert.

A Desert Horizon

Once in the desert, you will experience the pinnacle of off-road fun on the most recent four-seater dune buggy. Before you get behind the wheel, your teacher will review the rules of buggy riding with you. To enjoy an exciting experience, just follow your guide into the desert.


Guests of the desert safari may enjoy quad biking, camel riding, and other desert activities in a typical Bedouin camp, the exact location of which depends on their desert safari package. You may also pursue more conventional pursuits, like henna hand painting and adventure sports. Traditional Bedouin art forms, including tanoura, belly dance, and fire performances, will round out your experience. You and your loved ones can also capture photographs while dressed in authentic Arabic attire.

Going Back

You will be returned to your city apartment after enjoying the desert to its fullest. The opposite applies to overnight dune buggy tours when participants spend the night at a campsite.

4-Seat Dune Buggy ATVs

4 seat dune buggy is usually referred to as UTVs or all-terrain vehicles by the locals in Dubai. Bigger buggies are superior for group outings as they typically have more space accommodation and, in many instances, increased power. Examples of popular models include the Yamaha Viking, Polaris RZR, and Can-Am Maverick. These vehicles are ideal for families and groups who want to feel the rush of driving on an off-road vehicle but still exploring all those huge dunes in Dubai. 4-wheel drive and roll cage safety features and convenient interiors make them popular for recreational purposes and competitions.

Dune Buggy Ride in Dubai Guidelines

The most important thing is that you pay attention to your instructor. Moreover, carefully adhere to the guidelines provided:

  • The management will provide safety equipment such as helmets and goggles, among others. Make sure that the helmet fits well.
  • Don’t forget to take a bottle of water with you. Ensure you take enough water.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and bring necessities like sunscreen and caps.
  • Always buckle up in your vehicle. This will guarantee your safety on the voyage.
  • Be very careful while driving. Due to their low profile, dune buggies may be hard to see, particularly when trying to round a curve.

What Should You Wear?

You may not think much about what you wear when off-roading unless you’re dressed inappropriately. After that, it could consume your thoughts. When deciding what to wear, keep the weather in mind. Wearing long trousers and sleeves is recommended when riding a dune buggy Dubai to avoid sunburn and flying sand. Also, be sure you wear shoes with closed toes. These work great: tennis shoes or boots.

When you book your dune buggy car ride at Desert Hub Tourism, your gear is included in the package ride. So, no extra charges!

How to Build a Dune Buggy

Combining mechanical knowledge with some imagination, constructing a dune buggy may be an exciting do-it-yourself project. Because of its sturdy construction and simple layout, the classic Volkswagen Beetle is often chosen as the starting car in this process. The next phase is taking it apart from its chassis and making adjustments to make it suitable for the rough dune terrain. A stronger engine, off-road suspension, and frame reinforcements are among these upgrades. Builders may stamp their creations via customization, including anything from paint color schemes to safety measures like roll cages. The trick is to ensure the best dune buggy is attractive and practical.

How Fast Does a Razor Dune Buggy Go

Fans in Dubai love the Razor dune buggy because it combines great performance with safety features. Although it may not seem like much, the typical speed of a Razor dune buggy is around 9 or 10 mph, which is quite fast for the kids playing on them. These buggies ‘ safety-conscious design includes electric motors, a strong frame, seat belts, and a suspension mechanism that works well on sandy terrains. Adult riders or those looking for more excitement may enhance their speed and power by modifying the engine and drivetrain, but they should always prioritize safety.

How Many Cans to Spray Paint a 4 Seat Dune Buggy

Protect your 4 seat dune buggy from the weather while giving it a unique look by spray painting it. The size of the buggy, the desired number of coats, and the kind of paint are some of the variables that determine the quantity of spray paint cans required. For a simple task, you could need 8 to 12 cans. Priming, several base coats, and a clear coat are recommended for a professional finish. To survive the intense Dubai sun and sand, high-quality automobile paint must be used to last and provide a brilliant finish.

What Steel Should I Use to Make a Homemade 2-seater 4×4 Dune Buggy?

It is essential to use high-quality steel while constructing the frame of a DIY 4×4 2 seater dune buggy. Because of its low cost, wide availability, and simplicity of welding, mild steel is the most often used steel.

You must also think about the steel thickness while building the frame. A 1.5 to 2 mm thickness provides an ideal compromise between weight and structural strength. Still, thicker steel is recommended for places like suspension mounts under greater stress.

How Much Does a Dune Buggy Cost

In Dubai, a dune buggy car’s price may range from a few hundred to several thousand dirhams, depending on its model, features, and whether it was hand-built or bought. Used dune buggy car, basics may be had for a few grand, while fully customized dune buggy price is around twenty grand or more. 

This was for a dune yourself, but not everybody wants to spend that money on something they’ll seldom use. This is where Desert Hub Tourism comes in. Among the best Dubai dune buggy activities arenas, we offer our customers a thrilling and exciting experience of riding a dune buggy under the sun and living all their dreams. 

We have three dune buggy options for you: 1 seater, 2 seater, and 4 seater dune buggies, starting from 700 AED. Choose what you desire, and we’ll be ready to ride with you on your exciting ride. 


Tourists and professionals come to Dubai because it offers visitors a wonderful variety of places to see. One of them being desert dunes. The dune buggy Dubai ride is a thrilling experience for adrenaline fans. When you’re in Dubai, you can enjoy this breathtaking activity with landscapes as real as those scenic wallpaper pictures. Let Desert Hub Tourism give you the memories of your life! 

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